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Turn iOS 7 into iOS 8 with the right Tweaks from Cydia


Here is a list of Cydia tweaks and apps that allow you to completely transform iOS 7 into iOS 8

How To Get iOS 8 Features On Your iOS 7 iPhone And iPad Right Now

A few weeks ago Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 8, its new operating system dedicated to smartphones and tablets that will be released in September, along with the new iPhone 6 model and probably also with the new iPad.

To test iOS 8 thoroughly and all the news introduced by this Apple operating system we will have to wait until September, but Apple has already listed and presented practically all the main news that will be introduced by iOS 8. As often happens, even in this case many of the news that iOS 8 integrer by default are already present on Cydia thanks to the work of independent developers, in the form of tweak that users can download and install freely on iPhone, iPod and iPad, as long as they have jailbreak on their devices.

If you also have the jailbreak on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, today we report to you the best tweaks compatible with iOS 7 (all versions) to transform iOS 7 into iOS 8. Thanks to this guide you will have i best tweaks that allow you to completely transform your iOS 7 in the latest version of the operating system presented by Apple. This way it will be like trying iOS 8 in preview, without the need to download and install the beta version of this operating system, which many say still unstable and plagued by several bugs.

Having said that, let's not go further and let's see together immediately what are the best Cydia tweaks to transform iOS 7 into iOS 8.


PredictiveKeyboard header

An important novelty introduced with iOS 8 the QuickType keyboard. It is a predictive keyboard, which will suggest words in real time when writing. Some of its features undoubtedly recall the SwiftKey keyboard. If you have a device with the Jailbreak you can take advantage of some of these functions thanks to the PredictiveKeyboard tweak.

Third party keyboards

Hipjot for iPhone header

iOS 8 supporters third-party keyboards. Apple therefore offers the possibility for users to be able to use keyboards with different functions, according to their tastes and needs. On a device with the Jailbreak already possible, Cydia offers in fact a wide choice of keyboards, such as HipJot and TouchPal.

Widget in the Notification Center

social share widget ios 7

The new operating system signed by Apple will allow developers to create widgets to be inserted in the Notification Center. If you have a Jailbroken device, you can use some downloadable tweaks from Cydia, such as:

  • NCWeather
  • Social Sharing Widget
  • QuickMemo
  • WeeKillBackground
  • FavoriteContacts
  • BBSettings
  • WeeSearch
  • Auki


I point out in particular that the Auki tweak allows you to have a quick response, which allows you to interact with Facebook notifications, sms, tweets and notifications without leaving the application we are using.

Remote Messages

Remote Messages header

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will be able to interact better: for example, we can send text messages directly from the Mac, which must be connected via the same wirless network to an iPhone. Both operating systems are still in beta phase, so to use such a function you will need to download the Remote Messages tweak.


MessageRenamer7 iOS

iOS 8 will allow you to rename group or individual messages. On iOS 7 it is possible to do this operation on iOS 7 using the tweak MessageRenamer7.


Zooey Siri

With iOS 8 it will be possible to call Siri, the voice assistant, without using the Home button, but simply by saying the phrase Hey, Siri. The OKSiri tweak offers the same function.



In iOS 8, some third-party app functions can be integrated into the Images app. The Rendarya tweak offers some similar features, but will not be included in the Pictures app.



This tweak offers the ability to launch applications only after entering an unlock password.

Protect Photos

Protect Photos 1

iOS 8 will allow you to hide photos in the image gallery. This feature is already available for Jailbroken devices thanks to the Protect Photos tweak. This tweak can be used not only with the Pictures app, but also with other applications.


QuickContacts iOS 7 header

In the new multitasking of iOS 8, in addition to the background applications, the most used contacts will appear. The same function offered by the QuickContacts tweak.


iPad Air Camera

Thanks to FireBreak, iPad owners will also be able to take panoramic photos.

Touch ID

Touch ID Tweaks iPhone 5s header

Touch ID will have many more functions in iOS 8 and can be used with third-party apps. Here are the best Cydia tweaks that allow you to take advantage of Touch ID with third-party apps:

  • BioProtect
  • iTouchSecure
  • UnlockID
  • Touchy
  • AppScan
  • BioLockdown
  • AppLocker
  • Virtual Home

Well, I'd say everything. These were the best Cydia tweaks available for Transforming iOS 7 into iOS 8. If you know others, obviously, all you have to do is leave a comment on the article and we will update it immediately with your tips and suggestions.

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