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The Z-Wave Alliance home automation consortium reaches 600 members and 2100 certified products

Mid-year statistics for Z-wave Alliance, the consortium that brings together the main companies that deal with home automation since 2015 and that use the standard of low-consumption wireless communication and mesh communication. The consortium that includes Fibaro, LG, Smart Things (Samsung) and obviously the chip manufacturer (on which the products are based) Sigma Designs.

The growth prospects of Z-wave are excellent both for the growing number of members joining the consortium with an increase of 60% and a total of 600 different companies and for the number of certified products that has reached the target of 2100.

In 2017, 98% of the new certifications concerned Z-Wave Plus products and this brought the total number of products compatible with the enhanced version of the protocol to about half of the whole range of devices available: remember that Z-Wave Plus increases the quality and range of the transmitted signal introduces new levels of safety and also increases the ease of installation and management of Z-wave systems.

Z-Wave allianceSome of the brands present in the Z-wave consortium

The expansion of Z-Wave has seen a continuous growth of the different sectors of the market both as regards security systems and the services provided by telecommunications and energy management companies (think of the Italian Alyt devices promoted by Edison Energia). Since January 2017, over 150 companies have joined the Z-Wave Alliance, including large companies, startups, system integrators.

Having more than 2100 compatible and interoperable peripherals based on a home automation standard available, as well as guaranteeing the ability of the protocol to serve any type of need in the field of home automation, home comfort, consumption control and security. On the other hand, the consortium has also established a class of certified installers who can solve the problems of managing large complex systems that go beyond the simple management of the home ensured by the multitude of home gateways and peripherals with do-it-yourself installation: for these A toolkit for certified installers has been created and there are currently 175 of them included in the list available on the Z-wave Alliance website.