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The WWDC calendar

The WWDC calendar – logomacitynet1200wide 1

During the weekend, Apple has set up a page on its website in which it presents some of the most significant appointments of the WWDD, the World Wide Developer Conference, the world developer conference.The event, which historically represents the most important moment in the sector Mac product development will take place in San Jos starting May 6th. The central topic will obviously be Mac OS X around which Apple is trying to consolidate and grow a movement of developers who can support its growth. The main sessions will talk about Darwin, Carbon, Cocoa, Java, digital media, QuickTime, WebObjects, networks and servers and programming tools. Among the special events the Mac 'Oscars' during which the best products for the For the public, the most interesting event will obviously be the keynote of May 6 during which the guidelines of the entire event will be presented and we will probably have some advances on the next large-scale Mac OS X update that will not it can be ruled out that it may be presented either in the same context as the WWDC or shortly thereafter.

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