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Ragdoll Blaster: realistic physics, action and puzzle game on iPhone / touch

Ragdoll Blaster: realistic physics, action and puzzle game on iPhone / touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

To start playing Ragdoll Blaster, it only takes a second: we touch the screen in the position where we want the cannon to fire our rag doll. Starting from this point, the physical engine of the game calculates the collisions of our doll against the innumerable obstacles, platforms, inclined and revolving planes, gear wheels, motors, springs, various pistons and whoever has more than that which block the flight of the doll to prevent her from reaching the level goal. The complexity of the objects scattered around the screens and the chain reactions caused by the throwing of the rag doll must be observed with the utmost attention, only in this way it is possible to understand how to unlock the current screen using the least number of dolls.

Ragdoll Blaster blends multiple genres of success on iPhone and touch: the action game, the titles that use a complex physical engine to simulate the real behavior of the objects represented on the screen, and finally the timeless classic of puzzle games, where you need use your minds to overcome every pitfall and move on to the next level. The remarkable result: the Blackflip Sudios programmers managed to obtain an explosive mixture: we start playing without even reading the instructions and without tutorials, but Ragdoll with its 100 game screens threatens to evaporate our breaks with iPhone and touch, as well as the battery charge.

Ragdoll Blaster available in free Lite version with 20 screens for trial, or in full version these days available on offer for only 1.59 euros on the App Store. In the United States it has already entered the top ten: it is likely that the price of the game will soon be revised upwards.

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