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Olimpya's Sound Cockroach

Olimpya's Sound Cockroach – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A musical device that uses a new technology: it only needs a rigid surface on which to place it and immediately releases music into the environment. Olympia Soundbug a peripheral, shown for the first time at the recent CeBit but which will arrive in stores in April, adaptable to player portable CDs, MP3s, audio cassettes, camcorders, portable games, laptops etc. How do you use it? The audio minijack is inserted in any sound player and placed on a metal, plastic surface, on a glass but also on the palm of a hand and all 75 dB of power will come from the small appliance. It is also possible to combine another Soundbug for stereo audio.The dimensions are more or less those of a mouse, it is appreciated with the QuickTime movie released by Olympia (small 1.4 MB and large from 8 MB).

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