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Official: Maine approves iBook plan

Official: Maine approves iBook plan – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Now official and definitive: the computerization project of the high schools of Maine and which involves the purchase of almost tens of thousands of iBooks will be made. The governor of the state, Angus King, in fact managed to get the initiative's financing plan approved. The Sun Levinston Journal reports that it reports the obviously very satisfied comments from the Governor himself.

King had to fight for a long time against numerous opponents of the project who appealed both to the economic hardships and to the choice for the Apple platform instead of the PC, to make it fail.

In January, against a budget hole of 250 million dollars, almost 300 million euros, it seemed that Maine was unable to support the fiction; the prospects for economic recovery and targeted cuts in some non-strategic sectors have allowed King to conclude the project even if on a smaller scale than expected.

The supply of iBooks will cover seventh and eighth grade public schools for four years and will cost $ 25 million. Subsequently, the plan will need to be refinanced. King defined the initials of the supply plan as a historic moment for the Maine school. "No project, at a cost of 1.5% of the budget for data plans," said King, "can have the same chances of radically changing students' lives"

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