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MPEG 4, first success

While the ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance), the association of companies that deal with multimedia on the Internet, still in negotiations with MPEG LA for the license of MPEG 4, the new implementation of the video compression standard finds an important agreement. According to some sources, in fact, MPEG 4 will be the system with which MovieLink's on demand films will be distributed.

The announcement took place in the context of the NAB, the American national review of video professionals, by Peter Marx, of Vivendi. Marx, while specifying that at the moment no formal agreements have yet been entered into, in all likelihood the services of MovieLink, which aims to organize a service for the distribution of high quality films via the Internet, will be based precisely on MPEG 4.

If MPEG LA really could convince the major American production companies (Sony Pictures, Viacom's Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, AOL Time Warner's Warner Bros. and Vivendi Universal) that they are behind the MovieLink service to use MPEG 4, it would be an important success in strategic terms. At the moment ISMA, of which Apple one of the most relevant representatives, has not yet made any decision on the use of MPEG 4.

Apple itself, which has a new version of QuickTime ready that could popularize the use of MPEG 4, has decided to stop its release for issues related to the cost of licensing the technologies.

Cost that evidently does not frighten the production houses for a service that would easily be able to recover costs even if it must be said that at the moment the day of its official launch it still appears quite far away.