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Minigore: shoot and survive with an unmistakable style on iPhone and touch

Minigore: shoot and survive with an unmistakable style on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The strengths of Minigore are two: the high quality of the technical realization and the originality of the game graphics. States offer a new title of the shoot and survive genre that can stand out from the many games in this category available on the App Store. John Gore, our digital alter ego, a type that is decidedly a bit squared in appearance and in fact, a fortune since for the duration of the game he must shoot continuously to try not to get caught by the hordes of Flurry. These are monsters all hair and teeth, even these squared and well characterized that attack our John in four different forms. Giant Flurry move slowly, they represent an easy target but they are hard to die: a pity that when they do they break down into an impressive number of smaller Flurry. These are faster but luckily less resistant, so on until they reach the size of the mini Flurry when shooting. The player manages displacements and shots thanks to the virtual double joysticks shown on the screen: the one on the left for movement and the one on the right to direct the shot.

When the situation becomes complicated and John is completely surrounded by the waves of Flurry or chased by the impressive Firefurry (big, fiery and also fast), he remains one last lifeline. If we have recovered a sufficient number of four-leaf clovers we can transform ourselves into a monster capable of destroying the flurry simply by chasing and touching them, all with a perfect accompaniment based on banjo music. Minigore a title to keep in mind for all users looking for a fast, fun and well-made game to brighten breaks, less for those looking for a title with a little more thickness.

Available on the App Store for 79 cents.

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