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Macity contest still a few hours to win MacBook Pro and iPhone

Last hours for the Macity competition: the big initiative ends in fact at midnight today. There are still only a few hours to participate completely free and easy to win a new generation MacBook Pro with 2.26 GHz processor and Firewire port, a 16 GB iPhone 3GS and a 16 GB iPod touch next to which the our site has placed a real "crowd" of prizes.

In all, there are 29 of software, accessories, highly popular peripherals: a 2 TB LaCie Big Quadra, two Adobe Lightrooms, three sets consisting of Office 2008 Student for Mac, Microsoft keyboards and mice, a Logitech Pure-Fi amplifier for iPod with a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro camera, a LaCie Little Disk portable disk, three ElGato EyeTv Diversity, another LogiTech Pure-Fi Express amplifier, five Intego software (Personal BackUp, NetBarrier, ContentBarrier, Personal AntiSpam and FileGuard) as well as 7 Launch2Net of Nova Media is a Usb Plus hub and a Belkin Laptop Cooling Lunge. The total of the prize pool set up in collaboration with prestigious, well-known and generous sponsors: Adobe, Belkin, Elgato, LaCie, Logitech, Microsoft, and Nova Media.

To take part in the competition, nothing else is needed other than to be registered for the Macity newsletter and request participation after completing a questionnaire. If you are not registered, you will be included in our mailing list at the same time as you register for the competition at the end of the compilation. Everything goes through a simple email confirmation process; at the end of the compilation of the questionnaire you will receive a message replying to which you have completed the procedures.

As mentioned above, we invite you not to use a Hotmail address. A significant number of subscribers who use this e-mail service provider, probably due to very aggressive spam settings, have not received the confirmation email.

The Macitynet contest ends today, July 30th at midnight. The value of the prizes of 5,277.00 Euro excluding VAT. Here the regulation; start here to answer the questionnaire and register for the competition.