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Laptop, continuous growth in sales

Laptop, continuous growth in sales – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sales in the laptop sector remain very lively. According to a survey carried out by NPD Techworld, laptops showed a 30% increase in sales in February 2002 compared to the same month in 2001. In January the increase had been 16% and during the last quarter of 2001 the growth had been 21.5% compared to the same period of 2000. The significant figure because it goes hand in hand with a very robust decreasing trend in the field desktop. In January and February the drop in sales of desktop computers compared to the same months of 2001 was 25%. According to some analysts in the sector, the increase in sales is an irreversible phenomenon, to the point that sooner than expected turnover and profit in the field of laptops may exceed that generated by desktops. Sales are driven by the possibility of having computers equally powerful as desktop ones, larger and larger LCD screens and falling costs. The only immediate uncertainties concern the possible repercussions that could increase the price increase in the display sector that affects even laptops. If the producers are able to mitigate the effects of rising costs (perhaps with downward reconfigurations of the machines or by amortizing the increases thanks to the fall in other components), sales growth will continue. Otherwise there could be a slowdown, even if temporary, of the boom in laptops.

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