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KeyStrokes for X.

KeyStrokes for X. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Produced by Niemeijer Consult, KeyStokes brings a standard keyboard to the Mac display that is now preparing to use only the Mac OS X operating system; it clearly also works with all Classic applications, but finds the most modern use in the new operating system.

Those who are in a position to use only a mouse (or a mouse emulator) for physical reasons will be able to appreciate KeyStrokes.The layouts automatically adjust to all keyboards, American and non-American. The price of 195 dollars or 200 euros plus VAT for KeyStrokes for Mac OS X 10.1.3 (which also includes KeyStrokes 2.2 running from Mac OS 7.1 onwards) not the most affordable but if it works as promised, it remains the indispensable solution for physically disabled people and wants to use the Mac in the next few years. A demo version of KeyStrokes 2 is available, download here (1.3 MB), for the one running on Mac OS X you must wait for the release of the product (shortly). For the Italian market, contact the Dutch AssistiveWare. Further info in the PDF (259 KB) dedicated to the international market.

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