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IPhone vulnerabilities explained in two YouTube videos

IPhone vulnerabilities explained in two YouTube videos – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Two videos made by security expert Jonathan Zdziarski and published on YouTube illustrate how to easily overcome two of the security solutions integrated in iPhone 3.0 and the new iPhone 3GS. In the first video, the expert shows in a few minutes how it is possible to overcome the password access of iPhone OS 3.0 by using the password backup function in iTunes, using some popular unlocking tools that can be downloaded and downloaded free from the Web.

In the second video, Zdziarski shows how it is also possible for an expert hacker to obtain a complete image of the entire memory of the smartphone, thus overcoming the hardware encryption integrated in the new iPhone 3GS. Although Zdziarski uses some tools in his demonstration available only to forensic security experts, the author claims that equivalent tools are easily accessible or achievable by a sufficiently experienced hacker.

The two YouTube videos are already having a great echo in the world of online information on Apple and beyond: both demonstrations in fact undermine numerous statements by marketing and Apple executives in which new and higher safety standards are advertised of the Apple smartphone platform. Tim Cook also recently made statements in this regard on the occasion of the presentation of the second quarter fiscal results. The Apple executive said that thanks to iPhone OS 3.0 and the hardware encryption integrated into the iPhone 3GS, Apple's smartphone platform is now ready for use in large companies and also in government agencies, two scenarios in which information security it is very sensitive.

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