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In the USA new Mitsubishi monitors

In the USA new Mitsubishi monitors – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Despite the problems of the sector determined, substantially by the success of the LCD screens, the release of CRT monitors continues. Yesterday the news that NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics, the joint venture that arose precisely to strengthen the presence of the two giants of electronics in the display sector , has launched a new line of Flat monitors. These are both 17 and 19-inch models as well as models with a 21 'screen.The technological innovations consist of an improvement in the Diamondtron tube technologies that allow better color fidelity and a brightness twice as high as possible with the old screens. The 17 and 19 inch models are available on the US market immediately. The 21-inch versions starting in June. The technologies introduced with NEC Mitsubishi monitors are also likely to arrive in Europe where the joint venture has not yet announced the new line

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