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How to use Windows (exe) programs on Mac: Crossover


Download CrossOver for Mac: among the best programs available to start and run Windows (exe) programs on Mac

(MAC) Crossover v13.2 - Eng

If, for any reason, you need to use, start and install Windows programs on a computer Mac, you are in the right place. Obviously we will explain how to start and run Windows PC programs on a Mac computer Apple The simple guide, tested and fully functional. In a few clicks you will have the opportunity to start any Windows program on your Mac, without having to configure anything or do strange or complex operations.

Those who use both OS X and Windows often resort to virtualization applications such as Parallels Desktop, VMWare Fusion and the free Oracle VirtualBox. Another interesting solution, albeit not free from imperfections, CrossOver Mac. The application, based on Wine, allows you to directly run software and games for Windows within OS X but only those present in its "list".

Let's not waste any more time and let's see immediately how to start, use and install Windows programs on Mac.

Macs certainly have a vast ecosystem of software available, but there are still many programs that only support Windows. So if you use a Mac but you want to run a particular program, a business application or a video game compatible only with Windows, there are some ways, more or less simple, to open Windows programs on the Mac. So today we show you one of the better and more complete programs to use Windows programs on Mac.

Between best methods we can use to start, install and run Windows programs on Mac, surely we find CrossOver.

CrossOver an excellent application thanks to which it is possibleinstall and run Windows programs (e.g. .exe files) on your Mac without having a Microsoft OS installed.All in an extremely simple, fast and immediate way, within the reach of even the less experienced users.

CrossOver Mac a paid application that serves to run Windows programs on Mac.It uses Wine's code, with a nice graphical interface and with full support for a well-defined list of popular programs.CrossOver offers a free trial and it is not necessary to run a Windows virtual machine (with its license).

As soon as you have installed a Windows program on Mac (if supported by CrossOver), you can launch the program as a normal Mac software. In this way you will finally be able to use your favorite Windows applications taking advantage of the perfect integration with all the other resources of the Mac.

The program in question is constantly updated by its creators to always support new programs. Certainly one of the most complete and updated currently available for download. Already today, in fact, there are many Microsoft OS programs that CrossOver supports, almost 10,000 at the time of writing. For a complete and updated list you can consult the official CodeWeavers page. Some examples are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Civilization IV, Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft Office applications (practically any version) and Team Fortress 2.

To install an .exe (Windows) file on a Mac with CrossOver you just have to select it from the "Select an installer" pop-up menu that you find on the simple but effective interface. The program creates "environments", called Bottles, bottles, a sort of folder in which to organize everything necessary for the Windows program to work on Mac. Each bottle contains essential elements of a Microsoft OS (XP, Vista, Windows 2000, for example ) and the application files that will be emulated.

If additional complementary applications are needed to run the program (for example Flash Player or DirectX Runtime), CrossOver will also install these. PC games can also be installed directly from Steam.

Using CrossOver has become progressively easier with the passing of versions. At first the concept of bottles was a bit obscure, and creating it was a cumbersome and a little "esoteric" process, but now the developers have made the procedure very simple, just follow the instructions step by step.

The installation of programs often a little longer than it would be on a Windows machine, but being able to run even very complex PC applications, such as games, without needing to have a Windows OS even on a virtual machine , a real blot.

Undoubtedly, as easy to guess, CrossOver is an application of primary importance in any Mac.

(MAC) Crossover v13.2 - Eng

DownloadCrossOver 13.2 (Mac OS X) for Mac

What's NewVersion 13.2:

  • Fixes for stability of games running with Performance Enhanced Graphics.
  • Adobe Acrobat 10 and 11 will now install.
  • Users with certain non-Latin characters in their usernames can now successfully register CrossOver.


Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

If you are interested in downloading CrossOver for Mac, you can search for it on Google by typing "(MAC) Crossover v13.2 – Ita" or by doing a search on the site (free registration required).

The regular license costs about 50 euros, but it's worth them all!

The program weighs around 80 MB.

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