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Ford experiences five Transit Hybrid Plug-in fleets in London

Five already confirmed Transit Hybrid Plug-in fleets have joined the first phase of the Cleaner Air for London project aimed at improving air quality thanks to the introduction of plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles on urban routes, which will start in London, next autumn. The London Smart Mobility experiment, supported by a multi-million dollar investment, aimed at highlighting how such vehicles can, on the one hand, contribute to reducing the environmental footprint and, on the other, improve the productivity of those engaged in work activities in the urban context, the most difficult environment for operators in the sector.

The project, born in collaboration with the mobility company, Transport for London, will see a fleet of 20 Transit Custom Hybrid Plug-ins (PHEVs) debut on the streets of London for a 12-month trial. Commercial vehicles will take advantage of electric propulsion for most journeys in urban activities, and will be equipped with a range extender capable of extending the battery autonomy in order to make them usable even for longer trips and for emergency services.

Transit Hybrid Plug-in

The experimental fleet will be used for daily use by a series of selected London work activities, and will be equipped with a telematic system for the collection of data relating to the operational and environmental performance of vehicles, in order to better understand how to maximize the benefits. produced by the diffusion of electrified vehicles. One of the five fleets will be dedicated to the Metropolitan Police, who will employ two Transit Custom Hybrid Plug-ins: one marked, used for assistance in the event of a road accident, and one unmarked, used as a legal aid unit. Other confirmed fleets are: Transport for London, Metropolitan Police, Clancy Plant, Addison Lee and British Gas.

The automobolistica house will start the experiment in autumn, with the collaboration of the Transport for London and the support of the Advanced Propulsion Center of the British government. The company says that the investment in turn is part of the transformation that is flanking its role as a car builder with that of a mobility service provider, ranging from autonomous driving to new integrated transport solutions.

The Transit Custom Hybrid Plug-in PHEV is one of 13 new electrified vehicles that Ford will add to its global offering within the next 5 years. The list of the first 7 models includes a 100% electric compact SUV (2020, North America), with an autonomy of over 480 kilometers, a hybrid version of the maxi pick-up F-150 (2020, North America), a hybrid version of Ford Mustang (2020, North America), 2 new high-performance hybrid models intended for the police force, and a self-driving vehicle intended for ride-sharing and on-demand shuttle services (2021, North America), compliant with the SAE standard 4, which does not provide for the physical presence of a pilot.