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Fibaro Door / Window Sensor 2 the Z-wave door / window sensor now more beautiful and powerful

It was certainly the most beautiful and combinable with all the variants of doors and windows and remained so now that Fibaro has decided to reduce the size and round off the look: Fibaro Door / Windows Sensor arrived on the Italian market recently with an interesting novelty.

The temperature sensor is no longer optional and included in the basic equipment, occupying the contacts previously left free. As we said, the more compact design is able to virtually disappear in the assembly area as the classic 7 colors (white, black, silver and various shades of brown) are still available, able to adapt to all types of fixture finishes .

Fibaro Door / Windows 2

The product allows to detect when a window or door is opened thanks to the division into two parts: one fixed on the moving part of the frame and one on the locked part and thanks to the magnetic contact the proximity is evaluated to manage the status and send it to the Z-wave system with a controller to manage it.

The temperature sensor should not be underestimated for its importance: it can serve to detect a sudden drop or increase in the internal temperature which helps to understand that the window has been opened or to manage the shutdown of the thermostatic valve of a single room when you need to ventilate it (for cleaning or air change) and you don't want to waste heating or cooling it for a few hours.

The sensor powered by an ER14250 3.6 Volt type 1/2 AA and Fibaro battery ensures a duration of about 2 years with a standard consultation frequency by the controller.

Fibaro Door / Window Sensor 2 compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave + controller and supports protected mode with AES-128 encryption. It is able to sound an alarm if it is removed from its seat or tampered with.

It can be mounted indoors on doors, windows, garage doors and roller blinds to display the status of open or closed.

An indicator LED allows you to view the status of the device.

The maximum range of the Z-wave signal of 40 meters indoors and 50 outdoors. The sensor cannot function as a repeater in the Zw-wave mesh system.

The price is around 45-55 Euro including VAT to the public. It is still possible to find the old model at prices that are around 45 Euros.