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Belkin Headphone Adapter, all headphones on Shuffle 3G

Belkin Headphone Adapter, all headphones on Shuffle 3G – logomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the problems of the new iPod shuffle 3G certainly linked to the wired controls that makes it impossible to use any model of headphones or earphones that do not include a wired remote control to control playback.

The ideal accessory to get around this limit is the Belkin Headphone Adapter, a gadget that acts as a real bridge between the earphones and the Apple player.

The Headphone Adapter in fact integrates in itself the wired controls, in all respects identical and with the same functions offered by the original controls; the only difference that while it will be possible to connect the Cupertino mp3 player to one end, on the other hand you can connect your favorite earphones, continuing to enjoy the controls for the 3G shuffle.

Belkin's Headphone Adapter will be available in mid-August for the European market; the indicative cost should be around 20 dollars

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