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What are the news of iOS 8 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad?


iOS 8 beta 2: What changes? Here are all the news in one article.iOS 8 beta 2: the main news

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Yesterday we communicated to you promptly that Apple has released the new iOS 8 Beta 2 update for iPhone, iPod and iPad.


After the first firmware released in Beta, Apple releases a second important update that improves the previously released firmware from various points of view. Obviously we are still talking about a beta firmware, full of bugs and various problems, but which improves significantly compared to the previous update.

If you still haven't downloaded, tested and installed the new iOS 8 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad, find below a list of all the news introduced by this update.

Most of these are minor changes that improve overall stability, however some details are worth mentioning and worth mentioning. Many small changes to the interface and other details make the overall experience more fluid and stable, so we offer you to follow a list of the main features present in the second beta.

As we said, the innovations introduced by iOS 8 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad are really many. Here is the complete list.

1. The update can be performed via OTA, or directly from Settings> General> Software Update. To prevent updates from starting automatically, Apple has now introduced the security code request. No one else will be able to update your iPhone therefore, n will be able to start an involuntary update.

2. Fixed an issue in the App Store where, clicking the link to open the developer's website, practically nothing happened. Now the official website is opened correctly.

3. Fixed an issue that caused applications to crash on startup. The crash occurred on all the apps and games that among the various functions included a Restore from Backup to bring their progress to other devices. Now there should be no more problems.

4. Fixed an issue with the Camera Connector that did not offer the option to Import images. With beta 2 the problem has been fixed.

5. Fixed crash issues for CarPlay and other volume issues. In particular, Siri always started with the volume at maximum despite the phone being set at a lower volume.

6. Fixed a problem with the Notes application. In particular, after importing documents it could crash.

7. Fixed 6 different types of problems with the new Extesnions feature that allows applications to integrate within others and share features

8. Fixed numerous problems for HealtKit, GameCenter, FindMyiPhone, FamilySharing, HomeKit, iCloud Keychain

9. Fixed an issue that caused the system keyboard to appear completely white after trying a third-party one.

10. Excellent news for Safari in iOS 8 beta 2 which now blocks the banners that automatically open the App Store. If while browsing a website it happened that the App Store was opened without your consent, abandoning the article you were reading, then know that from iOS 8 beta 2 this phenomenon will disappear because Apple has provided a new pop-up that you will have to confirm to abandon the current application in favor of the App Store.

11. The Podcast application now natively present in iOS 8 beta 2.

12. iMessage no longer shows the camera icon and voice note icon in blue or green depending on the size of the message, now the icons remain gray.

13. Activation of Siri without keys now localized in various languages. As for the Italian, the command always remains Hei, Siri.

14. The QuickType keyboard has also been introduced on the iPad. Now it will be possible to receive the suggestions in a new line

15. Fixed problem with brightness adjustment. Although it was set down, by opening the Settings app, the brightness was restored to the maximum level.

16. The Podcast application which now appears as a native application of the operating system, updated to version 2.2 and includes various possibilities such as that of quickly viewing the episodes not yet played, of Browsing the Feeds, of Saving the episodes and deleting those already seen.

17. A new function has been introduced on iPad that allows you to pinch on the screen inside Safari, which can reduce the window to the tab screen. A sort of backward Zoom that takes you back to the screen with all the tabs.

18. In the Messages application it is now possible to mark all messages as read.

19. Added a new Welcome screen in the Pictures application for iCloud Photos activation

20. Fixed an issue that resulted in missed and received calls not being displayed correctly.

21. Introduced a new Menu under Settings, dedicated to the HomeKit but not yet completed

22. Improved the search in the App Store. Now the results are displayed better, with wider images

23. An important issue with video playback has been resolved. Now through the Facebook application you can view the videos correctly. In beta 1, however, a connection error was returned.

24. Fixed a bug that didn't allow to see new updates in the App Store.

25. It is now possible to take a Selfie quickly directly from the message application. Just tap once on the icon of the camera that we find on the left and the photo will be sent instantly. Holding the button down instead, we will record a video just like in beta 1

26. iBooks slightly changes the graphic interface

27. More accessibility options within the menu that allows you to replace the home button with a virtual one. Image

28. The Image application has been renamed to Photo

IMPORTANT: rWe remind you that Whatsapp is not yet functional but an update of this application is coming soonjust to fix the bug.

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