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Updated the Pro Display XDR firmware, now with support for custom reference modes

Apple has updated the firmware of the Pro Display XDR now offering the possibility to create customized reference modes. The update requires the presence of macOS 10.15.4 and in the release notes, the company explains that the firmware update 2.2.2 "offers support for customized reference modes that can be tailored to specific workflows by setting gamut, white point, luminance and gamma space color transfer functions ”.

In addition to these new features, the release notes refer to generic improvements in terms of "stability". You can check the firmware version of the Pro Display XDR by selecting the Apple menu of macOS, from here the item "Information on this Mac", then click on "System Report": in the "Pro Display XDR" section, the firmware shown alongside item Display Firmware Version.

Pro Display XDR firmware updated, now with support for custom reference modes

The Apple Pro Display XDR includes various reference modes suitable for various environments and production workflows. The reference modes can be changed in two different ways on the Mac: from the System Preferences, then clicking on Monitor, from here select the Preset pop-up menu and choose a reference mode. You can also click the Preset pop-up menu and choose "Customize".

It is possible to calibrate Pro Display XDR for various needs: from videos in HDR, HD or SD to digital cinema, up to other more general uses such as photography, web design, graphics and printing. Just choose a mode via software, and the display reconfigures itself with specific settings for color space, white point, gamma and brightness. Apple had made it known that with future updates, it would be possible to create personalized reference modes.

Pro Display XDR firmware updated, now with support for custom reference modes

Apple explains that Pro Display XDR optimized to meet, and exceed, industry standards and that each screen undergoes state-of-the-art color calibration: each of the 576 LEDs is individually calibrated and has its own light profile stored. An algorithm then uses this information to determine the exact light intensity at which to modulate each LED to produce the best possible image.

Apple Pro Display XDR, new tests confirm excellence

The price of the high Pro Display (in Italy it starts from 5599 euros) or but some believe that even too low compared to, for example, the $ 30,000 reference display and even $ 40,000 of Sony and Flanders Scientific. There is also for those who criticized the display and these comparisons.