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SQLTouch 1.0 to browse and edit MySQL databases from iPhone and touch

Just as Safari and Firefox are browsers for browsing Web pages, SQLTouch is a browser for MySQL databases. SQLTouch allows you to consult any MySQL database from iPhone or iPod Touch wherever the user is.

The program, made in Italy, very easy to use: with a couple of clicks on the screen you can consult all the items in the database, for example to organize contacts, orders, catalogs, news … SQLTouch offers an interface that is simple to use, in pure style iPhone and lose more also customizable.

Among the many functions offered by SQLTouch we mention the possibility to perform searches, save and re-use the most frequent searches, add, remove and modify records, i.e. fields, entries and details of each information stored in the data store that we are exploring directly from our paperback. Again, find and insert texts, images, photos, watch images and videos, all always with a tap of your finger on the screen. Unlike other client applications for MYSQL databases, SQLTouch requires no knowledge of the SQL language. It is an application for everyone. The developer Lorenzo Puleo offers some interesting examples in the App Store showcase of the software for the practical use of SQLTouch.

SQLTouch allows you to share your database with your customers. For example, you can make customers search the product catalog, then consult the specifications of the product found, look at the images and videos, and finally buy a product. Or, it can make customers search and find a phone number to call automatically, or find an Italian restaurant in San Francisco and make a reservation with a click, or search for the topic "2010 World Cup" in the news of the week …

For employees SQLTouch allows you to share your database with employees and colleagues and allow them to search for the record of a particular customer, or the record of a particular product to check the price, availability in stock, consult the amount of sales of the week , add an order to the database, wherever they are. Any changes made to the remote database can be immediately shared by all other users.

For friends SQLTouch allows you to share a database with friends. For example, you can create a private social network, add photos and messages and read the latest news published by friends.

Banners on SQLTouch When you publish a database, for example the directory of all the restaurants on the planet, you can view the banners exactly as you do on the HTML pages of a website. Of course, it is also possible to define the target link that will be opened with Safari when the user clicks on the banner. This means that SQLTouch allows you to extend the visitor / customer park to all SQLTouch users.

SQLTouch can be used both by those who have their own MySQL database on their server (supplier), and by those who consult it (user), in the same way with which a visitor consults an html page. SQLTouch an application for everyone: those who publish their database will take care of configuring the layouts (in about 2 minutes) and publishing the bookmark. Those who consult the database simply have to type in the search field and press "Search".

SQLTouch available on the App Store for 1.59 euros.