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Smarther, from Bticino the connected thermostat

The connected thermostat also arrives from Bticino, which will certainly compete with the best known Nest, Tado or Netatmo. It takes the name of Smarther, and stands out, first of all, for a truly futuristic, minimal and elegant design, offered in two different versions: wall-mounted or recessed. Here are the features, prices and Amazon links to buy it.

Password for the company with this Smarther simplicity of installation and use. Just a simple touch on the device to activate heating or cooling and change the temperature. Through the Thermostat app, already available on iOS and Android, it will be possible to create simple programs to have a smarter level of home climate management, even when away from home. As already mentioned, the product available in the built-in version, model number X8000, or in the wall version, model number X8000W.

Among the main features, the possibility of controlling and regulating the temperature at any time and wherever you are, with manual control via smartphone. It is possible, with the same app, to control even multiple thermostats and manage thermostats installed in different homes.

Geolocation also saves: the thermostat, in fact, will know where the user is located; in this way, leaving the house earlier than usual, the thermostat will automatically send a notification asking if you want to turn off the heating in advance.

Obviously it is possible to install this type of thermostat from scratch, or even replace the old traditional chronothermostat, both built-in (respecting the classic sizes of the boxes found in our country) and wall-mounted, with battery operation or powered at 230 Volt.

The Smarther thermostat has a lower price than other competitors with similar functions. On Amazon, the wall-mounted version buys at this address for around 146 euros, while the flush-mounted version costs slightly more, around 159 euros, and can be purchased directly from here.