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Sengled Pulse and Link: a versatile LED and wireless audio system

A smart home certainly passes through a sound system diffused in all rooms and, above all, a LED lighting system that can be controlled by the smartphone.Sengled deals with both solutions with a single product: smart lamps, which incorporate a JBL sound system, to spread music throughout the house.

There are many solutions proposed by the company, all visible on the official website, but also available for purchase in Italy from Amazon. In particular, the combination of Pulse and Link allows you to create an environment in your home where you can manage audio and music from your smartphone. First of all PulseMaster, the access card to the world of wireless speakers, to obtain multiroom audio up to seven elements.


It is a smart LED lamp, inside which a JBL stereo speaker is hidden, which receives the audio signal for playing music, radio programs or audiobooks, via Bluetooth and therefore wirelessly. Just screw the lamp onto an available E27 lamp holder and download the free Pulse app, available on iOS and Android, controlling it from smartphones and tablets. The app itself, not only allows you to start music playback, but also to control your liking of the intensity of the dimmable light.

The lamp has a power of 8 watts, and a luminous flux of 600 lumens. It offers a light beam width of 105 degrees, with a color temperature of 2,700 kelvin. Available in pearl white, tin or red, the bulb has a size equal to 140mm in height, with a diameter of 98mm, for a weight of about 420g.

Supports Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR class 2 standard, with Bluetooth profile A2DP, AVRCP, SPP and others. The lamps have an operating distance of up to 35 meters with latency of the audio transmission from the main lamp to the satellites of 20ms.



Pulse Link a sort of bridge, which in combination with Pulse's Satellites allows you to create a surround system to enjoy a movie, or your favorite TV program with particular audio. The combination of the Pulse Link adapter with Pulse Satellites, in fact, allows you to stream audio from the TV to Pulse lamps.

It has dimensions of 96 mm in length, 93.4 mm in width, and 35.1 mm in height, with a weight of 84g approximately. Available only in white color, it supports the Bluetooth standard v2.1 + EDR (class 2).

The lamps can be combined with a large variety of lamp holders designed to complement the size and functions of the system. There are single double lamp holders with bell or "bubble" shape, in transparent or metallic material with different colors.