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Roland Studio Package, complete solution for audio recording on Mac

Roland presented Studio Package, the complete solution for computer audio recording that our editors had been able to see "live" at IBTS 2001. The package includes:

– VM-3100Pro digital mixer, 20 channels with 24bit converters, two compressors and two stereo multi effects. – PCI RPC-1 sound card, capable of exchanging 8 channels of 24bit digital audio between the computer and the mixer – Cable R -BUS RBC-1 to connect the RCP-1 card to the VM-3100Pro mixer – Logic RPC, dedicated version of Emagic's famous Logic Audio software with MIDI sequencing and audio recording functions – Software driver for recognizing the RPC-1 card in Windows, Mac, ASIO environment

The PCI RPC-1 card can exchange 8 bi-directional channels (simultaneous in and out) of 24-bit / 96KHz digital audio. In addition, the MIDI Time Code messages and the Start / Stop / Rec transport commands are transmitted on an R-BUS connection.

Remember that the R-BUS connection compatible with other Roland peripherals, such as the VSR-880 recorder, the ADA-7000 conversion unit, the XV-5080 synth module, etc.

The VM-3100Pro digital mixer has the following features: – 24bit A / D and D / A converters – 8 mic / line inputs (2 XLR with phantom power) + 2 stereo line inputs – 8 channels of 24-bit digital audio in input / output to the computer via R-BUS port – hardware control surface for mixing and recording – dual stereo effects processor on the mixer (no CPU power consumption)

The price of the package has not yet been announced.

For more information, visit the Roland Italy website.

(By Daniele Volpin)