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New beta of iPhone OS 3.1: here are the news

New iPhone OS 3.1 beta: here are the news – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple released version 2 (build: 7C106) of iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3.1 and its SDK overnight.

Here are some of the news detected by those who were able to download it (obviously the beta reserved for developers) – The hacks for tethering on the SMS network no longer work – The iPhone has less overheating – Some sections have been translated into our language some written which were still in English. – The Baseband was changed compromising some hacks for the unlocking of the SIM of some blocked phones. – New APIs have been introduced that concern the management of the video with the possibility of inserting effects and improving the editing. fixed several bugs in Xcode – Now it's possible to connect iPhone to Mac in Wi-fi during the Deb rust phase so that you can use the Dock connector at the same time to test the peripherals.

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