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Midomi: sing or whistle the song to find title and artist with iPhone and touch

Midomi: sing or whistle the song to find title and artist with iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Hunting for a song that has captured us from the first listening, or for a song that we have not heard for years and whose title and artist we still ignore: Shazam has solved this need first and brilliantly and now thanks to Midomi research techniques are further expanded. As with Shazam, we can bring the iPhone microphone closer to the radio, television or near any audio source to let the software listen to the music to be recognized. Midomi processes and in less than 5 seconds offers the song title, artist, direct viewing of YouTube videos within the program, links to buy the song on iTunes on the fly, the text of the song and much more.

Unlike the predecessor for Midomi, it promises to recognize songs even when we don't have an audio source available and we can only count on our voice and our breath. Thanks to the sophisticated Midomi recognition engine that can also work by whistling or humming a song. Not all: if we already know the title of a song or the artist, just press the button at the bottom left and pronounce the information in our possession. In this case Midomi offers all the services and automatic material search on the Web by saying the name or title or, alternatively, typing it on the touch screen.

Among the numerous functions integrated over time up to the current version 2.1, we mention the possibility of storing the audio captured for the recognition of the songs, useful when we do not have an Internet connection available. In this way it is then possible to proceed with the recognition of the recordings in memory once we are within reach of the Web. Again, our musical discoveries can now be more easily shared with friends via email and also Facebook and Twitter and much more. Recall that Midomi works on any iPhone while to be used on iPod touch you need to have a microphone, integrated in the base or in the earphones.Midomi available on the App Store for 3.99 euros.

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