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Maya, discount from 14.450 euros

Live from Canada, the president of the company Doug Walker made an announcement of those that "will change the shape of the graphics industry forever". It is not a new product but the inclusion, thanks to the new price, of an application for "a select few" in the software market for professionals, small firms, companies and education.

The internal studies of Alias ​​and those commissioned to third parties showed that Maya is definitely the software that users look at as a reference point for 3D and animation but the main problem has always been accessibility. last month it made available for download a free PLE version (Personal Learnig Edition) of its software: a fully functional version in terms of tools but clearly not able to generate a final product to be marketed.

Maya PLE represented and represents an excellent viaticum to bring students or those who wanted to know the program better before purchasing, but perhaps this type of approach does not represent the level of accessibility that Alias ​​aims at now.Introduced by Donna Taggaert the president of Alias Wawefront mentioned the progress made by the company with both Maya Complete and Studio Tools both in the field of design and animation for the film industry with the awards won by many films made in the last 5 years with the application, including the recent Oscar in Shrek in which Maya took care of rendering all the costumes worn by the various characters.Maya PLE had a huge success: 110,000 users downloaded it from the web in the first 4 weeks of its presentation.

But in recent years 3D design and animation have reached new sectors: they are no longer the domain of large industrial conglomerates with huge budgets but also that of small companies and individual designers for the presentation of products, for the interactive study of their behavior.

Until yesterday, however, the access price to a powerful tool like Maya was very high and here is the announcement: the new prices will enter into force on April 4 for both Maya Complete 4 and Maya Unlimited 4. Maya Complete, the whose list price was 10,600 Euros, will now be marketed at 2,349 Euros and Maya Unlimited, previously sold at 22,600 Euros, will now be on sale at 8,149 Euros.

Together with the new pricing policy, the company announces a special offer for customers who have signed annual service contracts: those who have Maya Complete licenses for IRIX, Linux or Windows platforms will be able to switch to Maya Unlimited with only 1,749 Euros. In addition, the company will move to a policy for operating systems that is more in line with that of other mass software products. As part of this change, a new licensing strategy will also be adopted starting from April 4th which, among others things, provides the offer of floating licenses "right to operate" free to users of Maya Unlimited.

The president of Alias ​​then answers the questions of the journalists present in the room providing the shares of the sectors of interest of the customers who are 60% in the Entarteiment sector and 40% in the Design sector.Alias ​​WF is able to provide the tools as a palette and brushes for artists who want to deal with 3D with a low access price. 3D allows you to study the product before it is made, it can be used profitably in many fields, including education. Alias ​​is investing a lot in the interactive visualization experience and the research goes in the direction of making this experience much more friendly.

"Why is this price reduction unprecedented in the history of 3D? Because Alias ​​WF has the technology, the brand and the possibility of satisfying even customers with a low budget and able to express their creativity and the ability to innovate and enter a market that at this point can be defined "consumer".

Maya has studied differentiated support systems for the end user and for large companies that need special assistance.

Maya Complete 4 for Mac OS X coster, starting from April 4, 2,349 Euros and will include modeling, rendering, animation, dynamics, Artisan, Paint Effects and Maya Embedded Language (MEL), an open interface for programming and scripting. Maya Unlimited 4 coster € 8,149 and will include Maya Fur (TM), Maya Cloth (TM) and advanced modeling features.

Maya available from authorized dealers or can be purchased online, starting from April 4, at the web address: .http: //