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Marshall Uxbridge Voice is the small speaker that blends power and smart functions

The recognizable vintage and retro style that distinguishes all the other products of the manufacturer: the new Marshall Uxbridge Voice at the moment the most compact speaker of the entire Marshall range, nevertheless it contains power and smart functions to sell.

It measures only 12.8 x 16.8 x 12.3 cm but the specifications are those of a complete and powerful smart speaker. The sound pressure level reaches up to 96 dB, with audio reproduction of the tweeter and woofer managed by a 30 Watt Class D amplifier, while the frequency range of 54-20-000 Hz. These are sustained specifications, usually possible. only on significantly larger and bulkier speakers.

Over time Marshall has accustomed us to hi-tech audio devices characterized by a deliberately retro design: the new Marshall Uxbridge Voice also follows this philosophy. It resembles a guitar amplifier from the classic era of miniature rock, but in fact an original speaker with complete smart functions.

At launch it will be immediately available with Amazon Alexa assistant, therefore able to answer our questions and voice commands like any Amazon Echo speaker. Added to this is the support for Apple AirPlay 2 technology, therefore with full compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Mac including support for multi-room audio. No problem for those who use Android devices, thanks to the presence of Bluetooth 5.0.

It can be used and connected without problems to wireless networks, whether our modem router is dated and slow or new and super fast, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11a / b / g / ac standards, therefore from the oldest to to get to faster 5GHz wireless networks. This, in addition to making Alexa and AirPlay 2 possible, allows you to take advantage of Spotify Connect technology to play streaming music from the most popular platform today.Marshall Uxbridge Voice the small speaker that combines power and smart functions

To ensure the detection of the user's voice commands even from a distance and when the music is played at high volume, Marshall Uxbridge Voice integrates an array of two microphones with background noise cancellation. The manufacturer claims to have implemented high-quality drivers to offer crystal clear highs, powerful basses and thunderous sound despite its compact size. It will be available starting from April 8 at a price of 199 euros, after which the arrival of support for Google Assistant has already been announced.

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