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KKmoon video intercom review, waterproof and installs in minutes

Years ago video intercoms were a luxury, today they are at the base of every office or apartment, also thanks to the now accessible costs even if you decide to install one in a secondary house. A good solution could be that of KKmoon that we had a few days in the editorial office and which, in its 84.99 euros list, meets all the most common needs between the choice of the ringtone, large color display and night vision.

The package includes two boxes that separate the monitor to be installed inside the structure from the external video door phone, together with the power supply and the 3 meter long cable for the connection between the two parts. There are also screws and dowels to fix both to the wall and some additional cables to be able to recreate create their own maybe to have cables of greater length available.

KKmoon video door phone

The video entryphone well built, with a metal front surface and all the rest of the rigid plastic structure of good quality. The removable rear shell also offers a sort of visor that protects the camera from the rain and from the side and top entrance of sunlight which could affect the general visibility. Infrared are embedded around the camera which ensure – as we will explain later – excellent night visibility: the rest of the front side includes a large button for the bell and a grill to protect the microphone and speaker.

The monitor made entirely of good quality glossy plastic and frames the 7-inch TFT LCD monitor. On the right side of the front facade there are buttons to answer the intercom, open any door connected to it or simply activate the video camera at any time to peek at what is happening outside and change the ringtone. There are 16 tones available, from the simplest to the long melodies, and having the front button, at least in the first few uses, could be annoying because if you press it by mistake you are then forced to complete the tour of all the melodies before you can go back to the one previously selected (and which should therefore be the preferred one). Beside the buttons there are four wheels which allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast and colors of the display, in addition to the overall volume.

The User Manual written only in German, so those unfamiliar with the language can only rely on images only to understand at least how to make the connections. Nothing easier, however, as there are only two cables to be connected: that of the power supply unit in the appropriate socket on the back of the monitor and the second cable, between monitor and video intercom, to make the two parts communicate. As other drawings in the instructions explain, the system designed to accept even more cameras and monitors, thus allowing for example to connect a second video intercom perhaps to the back door of a private house or two monitors in two different rooms of a large office.

The system works well, the ringer starts practically instantaneous when the bell is pressed and the monitor is automatically activated to show who is ringing the door. The melody at maximum volume is very loud and can be heard clearly even from a room near the monitor with closed doors.

KKmoon video door phone

There screen quality not excellent, in fact we are faced with a display with 16: 9 resolution at 480 x 234 pixels, therefore low compared to what we are used to today by retina and Ultra HD 4K screens but more than enough to fulfill its purpose, that is to clearly show the face of whoever rings the door.

Excellent also the *visibility in low light conditions*: even in the dark, it manages to illuminate what the camera is framing, thus allowing anyone to peek out the door at any time (if, for example, we hear suspicious noises in the courtyard), even without someone necessarily playing the bell.

Conclusions and price

The strength of this system lies in the ease of installation: the reduced wiring to the bone and the two parts are easily fixed to the wall using screws and plugs included in the package. It works well, easy to use and has everything you need: waterproof and weatherproof camera, excellent visibility even at night, large color monitor and customizable ringtone.

The KKmoon video door phone on sale on Amazon for 84.99 euros.