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iPhone of 3, who takes it on Friday and Saturday with rechargeable has 3 GB forever

iPhone of 3, who takes it on Friday and Saturday with rechargeable has 3 GB forever – logomacitynet1200wide 1

3 GB of data free forever for those who subscribe to a plan with rechargeable "Select3". Here is the offer that 3 is preparing to launch in support of its debut in the iPhone world.

The initiative – explains Macity to the press office of the fourth (by number of subscribers) Italian mobile operator – is introduced for promotional purposes for what we have called "iPhone Day" or for this Friday. On that day we will give the opportunity to join the offer by including the 3 GB of data in it forever. The initiative is intended until the end of stocks or, in any case, until midnight on Saturday

The 3 GB of data included with the rechargeable were one of the novelties of 3: from the beginning it had been communicated that the bundle would be free until December 31 and would subsequently be paid. Now this promotion is further improved and those who join on Friday and Saturday will have the opportunity to navigate to the end of their contract without spending anything. In practice, the top-up fee will be entirely by voice, SMS or other services forever. Those who subscribe to the rechargeable plan from Sunday onwards will have the 3 GB included without paying but only, as expected, until December 31st.

The plan that allows you to access the "Choose3" option, with a 10, 20 or 30 euro top-up commitment and a free loan phone. Therefore, excluding all other rechargeable batteries.

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