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iMac arriving throughout Italy

iMac coming all over Italy – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It seems destined to unlock the situation that at the moment has led to an almost freezing of deliveries of the new iMacs. According to Macity sources, in fact, the most important Italian distributor has announced that it is in the process of receiving all the iMacs ordered since the start of production . It would be a large number of machines, both of the 800 series with Superdrive and of the 700 combo series. The delivery date, again according to Macity sources, would be Friday. This would mean that the stores should have the goods in their hands no later than Tuesday or next Wednesday and therefore be able to satisfy customers within the week following Easter. It is foreseeable that Apple retailers who depend directly on Cupertino for deliveries will be in the same favorable conditions. Some points of sale consulted by our editorial staff have confirmed that at the moment the availability of the 800 MHz versions is already fair and that the 700 MHz version with combined burner is progressively improving even if not yet at the desired levels. At the moment there is still no information for the deliveries of the entry level model with simple burner. Details on the availability times should not be late. According to some unconfirmed sources, in any case, it should not go much beyond the first half of April. Which would mean a delay of only about ten days on the times set by Apple at the time of the launch of the iMac.

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