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IE dominates the Internet (for now)

IE dominates the Internet (for now) – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nothing now seems to be able to stop the excessive power of Internet Explorer. Recent data released by Web Side Story, an agency specializing in Internet market analysis, estimates that Microsoft's browser has reached an almost absolute majority. IE would have been boosted by the large-scale adoption of version 6.0 (for PC) which has already reached 30.4% from last August to today. Version 5.0 is behind IE 6 and very far, only 7%, Netscape. Until recently, the America On Line browser had 30% of the market after having dominated between the mid and the late 90s when it reached 80% penetration thresholds. To inflict a very hard blow on Netscape, plunging it below 10% would have been the release of Internet Explorer 6; before the presentation of the IE update, Netscape had 12% of the market. Now hopes to save Netscape from total extinction or, better, to stop the final triumph of Internet Explorer are placed in America On Line. According to some sources, the American provider, the world's leading access provider, may abandon Internet Explorer for a browser based on Gecko, the rendering engine of the latest version of Netscape. With 34 million users, AOL has 12% of the Internet market and a turning point leading to the abandonment of IE could not be ignored by those who develop applications and web pages.

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