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Grohe Sense, the smart sensor for water at your fingertips

Did you know that 54% of families have suffered damage from water leaks in the home? The alarming fact, but with Grohe Sense the matter can be kept under control and, thanks to continuous monitoring, in the event of an accident it allows you to intervene in time.

Basically it is a small sensor, with an elegant and discreet shape, which can be positioned in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room or anywhere there is the risk of a water leak and, connected to the home Wi-Fi network, via the ONDUS App for iPhone and Android, it warns you of any malfunctions.

Grohe Sense dedicates three attentions: checking for unexpected water leaks, with consequent flooding, due to the breakage of an appliance (for example the washing machine) or a water pipe, or a gasket that has given in the shower or in the sink.

But also the risk of freezing, warning you if the temperature drops below the allowed value (because the risk of ice in the pipes is a problem), but it can be comfortable even if you have animals in the house and you have gone out without leaving the heating on.

Finally, measure humidity, a particular attention to avoid mold and wall problems: constant monitoring warns the user if the values ​​go out of the preset range inside the App, and in any case it is always possible to check the status in real time.

The installation can be done directly by the user, without particular knowledge, positioning it in the critical points of the house.

Grohe Sense Guard, smart plumber

What the sensor does is basically monitor the situation and warn the user through a message on the phone, allowing him to intervene: for greater security and concrete help instead c Grohe Sense Guard, an accessory to be placed in the main pipe of the house.

The active and non-passive Grohe Sense Guard compitor like Grohe Sense, because in case of detection of a tube breakage or flooding, automatically blocks the flow of water, preventing flooding.

In addition, Guard can also detect dripping from a tube and warn the user in time that he can intervene and avoid more serious problems.

Obviously Guard can also manually shut off the water if, on leaving on vacation, we forgot to turn off the main tap, which we can do comfortably while traveling by car from the ONDUS App.

Prices and availability

Grohe Sense available today from the Grohe website (together with all the other products of the famous German brand) but also available from certified installers at a price of 59.99 Euros, to which a smaller external sensor can be added (to be positioned in tight corners, such as under the washing machine) for 29.99 euros.

Grohe Sense + should also be released soon, which differs from the normal version due to the presence of a power supply (instead of the stylus batteries, which however last 4 years) and the sensor included.

Grohe Sense Guard will instead be initially offered within GROHE Sense kit (containing 1 Guard and 3 sensors) at 649.00 at Grohe authorized dealers: further on, it will also be possible to buy just one Guard at the price of 499.00.