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Google allows you to mark shops and businesses as temporarily closed

Another little help to cope with the pandemic comes from Google. Respected the promise of Sundar Pichai, who had announced among the first responses to COVID-19, the possibility for business owners to mark themselves as "temporarily closed". In this way, people will know which local shops are open, and which ones are currently closed. A great way to avoid spilling onto the street without a specific destination.

The tech giant has finally released instructions on how companies can update their profiles, and mark themselves as "temporarily closed" on Maps and Research.

Google Business users will be able to access "Close this activity on Google" located in the menu, so as to find this new function. As SearchEngineLand notes, this same section will now show three options: "Mark as temporarily closed", "Mark as permanently closed" and "Remove list". Before launching the feature, Google relied only on information provided by governments and other authoritative sources to mark activities as closed.

Google allows you to mark activities as temporarily closed

Of course, the usefulness of the function directly proportional to the time that the companies themselves will decide to use to update their status. Google previously said, however, that it is also using AI technology, where possible, to ask companies to confirm and update their operating hours.

At the moment, a concrete answer to avoid being on the street as much as possible also comes from the Fila Indiana platform, which allows you to see in which supermarkets there is less queue, so as to head towards the closest and free one.

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