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Golden Ax, the legendary Sega game on iPhone and touch

For many users, the name of this video game may sound unknown, but for passionate players (even a little "elderly") the title Golden Ax is equivalent to the myth.

The game, available for iPhone and iPod touch, one of the most famous scrolling slash'em ups in history, developed by Sega and soon rose to prominence in all the arcades of the globe, to then also be presented on consoles or home computers.

The aim of the game, set in a mythical era, based on Howard's cymeric literature and Dungeons & Drangons RPG scenarios, was to take command of one of the three main heroes, to defeat the bad guy. All to the sound of blows, kicks and even resorting to magic or imaginative beasts.

Obviously the controls have been "hypophonized", including a virtual joypad on the Sintra and three buttons on the right. In addition, the iPhone and iPod touch version includes two levels more than the original.

For those wishing to relive an icon of the past or simply try it for the first time, Golden Ax on sale on the App Store at a cost of 3.99 euros; to download the historical Sega game just use this specific link on the iTunes Store page.

Golden Ax