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Farewell Director.

Electrocuted by a disease as fast as inexorable, the Director Daniele Vimercati from today will continue to live only in the memories of those who knew him for personal reasons or who, with him, worked in the same editorial offices, in the same television structures or in the newspapers that saw him sign his rigorous and pungent thoughts.

If you wanted to hurt him, just mention a well-known journalist who in the late evening brings the so-called "good parlor of Italian politics" to Rai, perhaps making a comparison.

Another thing unwelcome to the Director was to force him to use a Wintel PC, he who insisted on going around with an old man, as heavy as an anvil, a bit battered but surely messed up PowerBook pre PowerPC, one of the first color passive matrix but slow as a penance when it went just beyond Word 5.1, the application of almost every day.

Nothing, he didn't want to change it and when he writes he joked with him every time he had to rush to the rescue of the Apple boy because the modem on the PC Card didn't want to do his job or the mailbox didn't want to know to download the e-mail, he replied "Nothing works as it should, but I don't change it, I just hope that this time there is nothing broken because where I live (Bergamo, NDR) there are no places to have it repaired".

In reality he did not care about the world of computers, it was an indispensable means for him, which was not from the era of Montanelli's Letter 22 (journalist and writer who esteemed the beacon for his profession above anyone else), perhaps for having had for the hands, especially in past years, only and exclusively Macintosh had accustomed him to a system that did exactly what was asked of him without continuous jams and was enough for him to maintain his certainties by dealing daily with politics and news. another less Mac user and we regret the journalist but above all the gentleman; MacityNet editorial staff joins the pain of their loved ones who were soon deprived of Daniel's affection.