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Elgato Eve Degree, new HomeKit accessory to monitor temperature and humidity

Elgato has presented a new accessory compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology: Elgato Eve Degree a sensor that allows you to monitor temperature and humidity. It looks like an anodized aluminum box (54 x 54 x 15 mm), which can be installed in any room and the IPX3 certification makes it resistant to splashes of water, such as rain.

Using the sensor it is possible to monitor the temperature and humidity of an environment and obtain a log with historical data. Eve Degre communicates with iPhone and iPad allowing daily, monthly and annual data to be displayed on iOS devices. It is possible to activate actions according to certain parameters, for example to activate a fan when the temperature rises or to activate a humidifier when the percentage of humidity in the air falls below a certain threshold.

The accessory uses Bluetooth Low Energy, a very efficient low-consumption technology that according to Elgato allows the (replaceable) battery that powers the device (type CR2450) to last for a year.

Elgato Eve Degree compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10.3 or later. As mentioned, the accessory directly compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology; for remote control, an Apple TV that acts as a home hub is required. The operating range from -18C to 55 C, humidity from 0% to 100%, 260 – 1260 mbar. The manufacturer offersElgato Eve Degree at a price of 69.95 euros.

Elgato Eve Degree