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Does the iPhone battery last too short? Here's how to solve it


Complete guide to increase iPhone battery life. Here's how to increase the autonomy of the iPhone (and smartphones in general)

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Does your iPhone's battery last too short? Are you unable to arrive in the evening with the battery of your iPhone? Do you want to increase the autonomy and battery life of your iPhone? You are in the right place.

Today we explain it in fact how to improve the autonomy of the iPhone and in general of all smartphones, including those with an operating system Windows Phone and Android. The instructions you find below, in fact, will allow you to really increase the battery life of your smartphone and they will give you a few more hours of autonomy.

These are precautions and indications that may seem obvious, but that will actually allow you to arrive in the evening with the battery of your smartphone and to have a few more hours of autonomy. Even a couple of hours earned can make a difference, so I highly recommend reading this guide for increase the battery life of your precious iPhone and any other smartphone in general.

That said, let's start with the detailed guide that explains you how to increase iPhone battery life.

First of all we have to understand what are the services that mostly drain the iPhone battery. In this way it will be possible to deactivate first those services, those settings and those functions that have the greatest impact on battery of your smartphone.

The service that has the greatest impact on your iPhone's battery Location: the advice is to always deactivate it and activate it only when you really need it, that is, when you need to use a GPS navigator to get driving directions. On your iPhone to disable go to Settings> Privacy> Location. Already with this modification you will be able to really improve the battery life of your smartphone. Try it to believe it.

But GPS is not the only culprit for your iPhone's poor battery life.

The display also consumes a lot of battery, especially when the maximum brightness is set. To solve this problem, I recommend changing the display brightness setting: set it to 20 maximum 30% and disable the Automatic Brightness in the settings. Clearly when you are outdoors you will struggle to see the screen of your smartphone, but if you always work indoors or in the office, you will practically not notice it. This setting to be changed only if you work inside, because if you spend a lot of time outside you will not be able to see anything on the screen of your iPhone.

Another thing that consumes a lot of battery are push notifications of emails: they are very comfortable, true, but they consume a lot of battery. You can deactivate them in Settings> Mail, contacts, calendars> Download new data and then deactivate Push technology to download the mail manually. You will not have emails in real time, but you will arrive in the evening with the battery of your iPhone.

You must also deactivate the Parallax effect: true, it is very cool, but consumes too much. To disable it go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce Movement.

Another application that consumes a lot of battery on the iPhone is that of Facebook: use it little and also disable push notifications here.

In addition to all this, I recommend deactivating (obviously when not needed) Bluetooth, Airdrop and, 3G network; whenever possible, deactivate the data connection and prefer the WiFi connection. Clearly by deactivating these services too, your iPhone will become a normal phone that can only make phone calls, but when you are in an emergency and you need a bit of battery, you can give up some services to get a couple of hours of additional autonomy.

To complete the work of battery optimization on iPhones, I also recommend you:

  • limit the search for Spotlight (in Settings> General> Spotlight Search)
  • disable Siri when not needed (in Settings> General> Siri)
  • disable the automatic update introduced with iOS 7 (from Settings> General> Background app update)
  • disable any live wallpapers
  • limit app notifications or disable them all individually (in Settings> Notification Center)

Finally, I would like to point out that, if you put the iPhone in airplane mode while you recharge it, charging takes place much faster and in much tighter times.

As you can see for yourself, following all these little tricks you will certainly notice remarkable battery improvements. It is clear that the battery remains the same, but with these measures you will get 1-2-3 additional hours of autonomy on your iPhone (the improvements will be different based on the functions you are going to disable).

Finally, to top it off, I remember that if you want to understand what exactly among the applications you have installed consumes more in percentage,you can download the free Battery Doctor application from the App Store, which also allows you to delete Junk Files (i.e. junk files) and thus free up memory on your iPhone.

I'd say everything. We have seen in this guide how to improve the iPhone battery and increase the battery life of the smartphone. Clearly you don't have to follow all the instructions in the guide, already following only some of these tips you will get improvements. At the same time, however, you will lose some phone features that make it a smartphone, then choose, based on your needs, which functions to enable and which to disable.

If you have other advice, leave a comment on the article.

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