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Diablo II and LOD for Mac OS X

Diablo II and LOD for Mac OS X – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Good news for fans of Blizzard games. The American company, producer of some of the most popular role-playing games, has announced that it has prepared two patches to allow the use of Diablo II and its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction (LOD), on Mac Os X.Diablo and LOD they are well known for their longevity and the solidity of the story as well as for the possibility of playing on the net. Diablo II was released just before the Mac OS X public beta presentation and had never been charred; LOD, on the other hand, had been released at the end of last summer and despite this it was only compatible with the old version of the operating system.Blizzard previously presented a Mac OS X version of Starcraft. RPG and strategy fans eagerly await the release of Warcraft III. The sequel in this case will be natively compatible with Mac OS X

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