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Casaverdesmart on to make your home smart, efficient and safe

For a long time the multitude of objects, devices, applications and solutions to make your home smart and efficient has a space that cannot be contained in the already large class of Hi-Tech categories treated by Macitynet and finally the time has come to dedicate a space to it. hoc, to prepare a new home, perhaps a smaller one in which to grow and above all to dedicate oneself with attention and in the smallest details to one's passions and skills.

Casaverdesmart the new home that inaugurates a series of editorial initiatives (always strictly on the web and even more so here that sustainability plays a fundamental role) and wants to represent an approach to home automation in version 4.0: the connected, smart, smart home built by the end user on measure ofthe end user who today is not a spectator of the choices of the installer, the builder, the installer but can choose, decide, program and even install (in compliance with the limits of standards and skills) the large part of a home automation system.

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Home automation seen as the sum of solutions that talk to each other, which can be installed as the family's availability grows, and personal needs change: the philosophy embraced by many startups that cannot afford a complete line of products but also, intelligently, by some large companies that are aiming for a wider and, difficult word, interoperable market.

The key of course is the smartphone that has replaced expensive dedicated panels and bulky computers but on the other side there are boxes, the so-called demotic gateways getting smaller and more powerful as a bridge between sensors and actuators, scenes and programming. Then there is Apple's HomeKit solution that is still young in many respects that transforms Apple TV and iPad into a gateway for standard wireless solutions such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and finally the great bet of Alexa voice control and Google Assistant that actually hide the possibility to command everything via http.

Let's not forget also the home automation solutions in the strict sense that based on wireless standards such as Zigbee and Z-wave allow you to create systems with direct local control without the need for a Weg connection.

Ready-made news, upcoming technologies, solutions to install today and to plan for tomorrow: Casaverdesmart wants to give you a hand to inform you, to choose and to grow your home and your habitat in the best possible way.

You can follow us on Macitynet which will show the daily feed of Casaverdesmartwhich has structured thematic areas and, from June 4th, many original contents.