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Apple's new iMac is a rip-off: it costs less, but it is much less …


The benchmarks of the new economic iMac show the low power. You pay less for it, but the hardware is less powerful than the others.

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A few days ago, as we told you in a dedicated article, Apple has removed the veil from its latest product. We are talking about the brand new iMacpi cheap, from the same design as the others, which costs 200 euros less from the basic version.

Obviously, as was expected, Apple did not start making charities and did not decide to cut the prices of its products. It simply launched a new cheaper iMac with less powerful hardware than the other models already on the market. Clearly, to reduce prices and make it more logical to have more expensive computers, Apple has stolen some hardware power from the new iMacpresented in June 2014.

But how powerful is the new iMac of June 2014? Is it worth spending 200 euros less to have uniMac less powerful than the others? Let's see the performance of the new iMac and try to understand what changes compared to those already on the market.

Precisely the processor of the new iMac has been brought to 1.4 GHz dual core, against the 2.7 GHz quad core previously available. For those who do not understand numbers and acronyms, the juice that the processor of the new iMac just presented has exactly HALF of the power compared to the processor present on the more expensive iMacs. You spend 200 euros less, but you have a processor that goes exactly half of the others.

But the bad news doesn't end there. A small downgrade was also with the graphics card, past from an Intel Iris Pro Graphics to an Intel HD Graphics 5000.This means that everything that uses graphics will go slower, games and videos in the first place.

But in a nutshell and on paper what does this reduction in power bring?

The answer comes from the benchmark test carried out by Geekbench.

The score of 2820 points in single core mode, to pass to 5435 points in multi core mode.

Just to make a comparison, the score achieved by the illiMac already on the market (the one that costs the most), the following:

To come to the conclusion, we can say that the new economic version of the iMac of June 2014 marks a 41% reduction in performancecompared to other iMacs already on the market. The power of the new iMacrisulta is, in other words, slightly higher than that of a MacBook Air which in multi core mode reaches 4690 points.

What do you think? Is it worth spending 200 euros less to have a computer so underpowered than the others? Think about it before buying it!

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