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Apple would be thinking of postponing the release of iPhone 12

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Apple would be considering postponing the launch of iPhone 12 with 5G technology. The Japanese reported the indiscretion Nikkei Asian Review (Japanese newspaper specializing in economic news) which cites one of its unspecified sources according to which the coronavirus jeopardizes global demand by distorting the development time of the Apple product.

The leaders of the Casa di Cupertino would have discussed internally the possibility of delaying the launch of the new product for a few months and also sources in the company's supply chain report obstacles from a practical point of view that could force the postponement of the launch that was expected for late September.

"Constraints aside with the supply chain, Apple fears that the continuation of the current situation could significantly reduce the desire of consumers to update their phones and a modest reception of the first iPhone 5G," said an unspecified source to the newspaper cheap.

Apple is monitoring the evolution of the epidemic in the United States and Europe – its two most important reference markets which together represent more than half of its sales – evaluating the possible need for postponement.


A large number of employees who normally work at the Cupertino headquarters, at home, following the "lockdown" taken in California, following the decree of Governor Gavin Newsom, among the first in the USA to declare home isolation, ordering all residents of the State, about 40 million people, to stay home to counter the rapid spread of the epidemic.

"Given the instability of the situation," reports a different source, "the final decision whether or not to delay the presentation date of the new iPhone will be made no later than May."

The technical development of the new iPhone is also complicated by the impossibility for Apple engineers to travel between the United States and China. The company would have found it difficult to actively collaborate with suppliers in the development of prototypes that require practical field tests. Suppliers have not officially communicated changes to the production calendar and currently report that they are ready to find all possible compromises to continue working. "For the moment, the launch in the autumn is not out of the question," reports one source in the Asian newspaper. "In the worst case scenario, the iPhone may be postponed to 2021."

A few days ago Foxconn, the largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic components that works for the biggest companies in the sector, including Apple, has assured that it has a large number of workers in its Chinese facilities that will allow it to meet seasonal demand, recovering steadily and progressively the shortage of manpower that he had suffered due to coronavirus.

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