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All Christie's auctions on iPhone and touch

All auctions of Christie's on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Few names like that of Christie's immediately recall masterpieces of painting, sculpture, jewelry, collectibles of any type and era provided that they are originals or unique specimens with a prohibitive cost for any common mortal. It is not uncommon for an auction by Christie's to rise to the headlines not only for the importance of the object treated but also for the final price established and for the names of the people and companies that participate in it. So it has a certain effect to know that now the programming of the auctions and all the precious objects treated by Christie's can always be available to us in the palm of your hand thanks to the free application created for iPhone and touch.

Once the software is installed, the user can browse and search among the many precious items, not only by viewing descriptions and details but also being able to admire the details thanks to the images included. In addition to the text list, you can switch to the preview mode in which thumbnails of all the objects in the category are shown: just choose an object, a picture or a book to instantly view a full-screen high-resolution image. On this you can zoom in and out in the classic iPhone / touch style. Unfortunately for the wealthier, version 1.0 of Christie's does not allow online purchases, as is possible for the more accessible eBay, but perhaps this will be a function that will be integrated into a future version. For the moment the software allows you to know the programming of the auctions, the places and times around the world in which they will take place, finally offers a complete series of information on the various services offered by Christie's. The program can be downloaded for free from this App Store page.

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