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Air Sharing Pro: transfer files to iPhone and touch to the top

Air Sharing one of the best programs to store and display documents and images by transferring them from the computer to the pocket memory. Avatron Software programmers have further improved and expanded the functions integrated in the new Air Sharing Pro version which now presents itself as one of the most complete and versatile solutions for managing documents and mobility. First of all Air Sharing transforms iPhone and touch into a wireless hard disk accessible from Mac, Windows and even Linux and on which it is possible to perform copy and paste operations, just like it happens for any USB stick or traditional external hard disk. This can be done when the paperback and the computer are connected to the same wireless network. Alternatively, you can access the pocket memory and perform file operations directly from the web browser via an Internet connection. Always thanks to Air Sharing Pro, it is possible to access any remote hard disk such as MobileMe iDisk, FilesAnywhere, and so on via WebDAV. So directly from iPhone / touch can manage the operations allowed on files, practically all the main ones possible on computers.

In particular, Air Sharing Pro allows you to move, copy and paste files, as well as rename them, delete them, create new folders, even compress and expand files and folders, including password-protected zipped archives. Among the other more interesting operations we mention the possibility of printing documents directly from the pocket using a shared printer, finally the possibility of sending documents and files up to 100MB via email. In practice, Air Sharing allows you to upload the desired file or folder to the free server and then send an email to the desired contact containing the link for downloading the material.

For users who always want to have the most important work and personal documents at hand, Air Sharing Pro offers a complete set of management and visualization functions. The supported formats are all the main ones: Microsoft Office for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, iWork for Pages, Numbers and Keynote in both '08 and '09 versions, display of Web archives created with Safari, PDF, RTF and RTFD files, plain text and even the source code of the main programming languages. In this article we have limited ourselves to presenting the main functions of the program, in any case it is advisable to keep in mind that we will hardly find a software in this complete and versatile category such as Air Sharing Pro. It is no coincidence that it has already been defined as the best software in the utility category. for iPhone / touch from numerous British and US newspapers.

Air Sharing available on the App Store at a price of 7.99 euros. Recall that Air Sharing Pro included in the list of programs that should not be missing on our Apple multi-touch pocket, within the super Juice guide created by Macitynet. Just under 100 pages of information on Mac, iPod and iPhone in PDF format, downloadable for free starting from this link.