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Again: "iMac delayed due to firmware problems"

Again: "iMac delayed due to firmware problems" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacUser UK relaunches: iMac delivery problems would be largely connected to a firmware problem. The online edition of the newspaper, bringing up to date a version that had been released a few weeks ago, brings confirmation of the thesis also some alleged indications that they would support it. Among these, the main one would be instructions on a firmware update contained in a section reserved by the Apple Knowledge Base. A file, downloadable only by the authorized repair services, would improve the compatibility of the machines with SuperDrive with Maxtor disks. According to MacUser, the resolution of this Firmware problem would have slowed down the distribution of the machines.The thesis at first glance appears rather shaky, given that it was not only the iMac 800 (those equipped with superdisks) that struggled to get into the channels. Since the new firmware would only concern this type of machine, it would remain to be explained why the iMac 700s also arrived late on the shelves of retailers.Maybe to explain this apparent contradiction MacUser advances the hypothesis that there were also assembly problems in the complex arm that supports the monitor, solved only with the establishment of an assembly line that deals solely with this detail.We remember that, according to some very reliable sources, the main reason why a long delay in the deliveries of the machines would have developed would be the lack of a sufficient number of LCD screens. It is no coincidence that Apple recently entered into new supply agreements with some Taiwanese manufacturers to increase the number of screens available.

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