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XtremeMac: Luna Voyager alarm clock for iPhone and iPod

XtremeMac: Luna Voyager alarm clock for iPhone and iPod – logomacitynet1200wide 1

ExtremeMac presents the new Luna Voyager alarm clock designed to work with iPod and iPhone. The compact dimensions and the essential design go perfectly with the Apple pocket philosophy, also allow you to use it both at home and on the go. It can be positioned without problems on practically any type of bedside table or, if necessary, stored in a suitcase to follow us on vacation or on business trips. Obviously it works as a charging base for iPod and iPhone, including the new iPhone 3GS: so in the morning we will have a full charge to face the day and an alarm that allows you to start in the best way with a pocket alarm or better with the our favorite music.

Luna Voyager integrates a line-in jack to also connect iPod shuffle or any other MP3 player, also integrates a buffer battery that allows you to avoid nasty surprises on waking up and consequent delays. Luna Voyager distributed by Adl and already available on the Apple Premium Reseller network at the suggested retail price of 89.95 euros.

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