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Worms: classic video games of all time on iPhone and iPod touch

It was 1995 when hordes of fierce but nice worms made their appearance on the never forgotten Commodore Amiga, a computer that soon became a reference platform for video games. Fruit of the ingenious mind of the Team17, Worms has become a classic of strategic video games and over the years has landed on PC, Mac and console, even of recent generation. The key to its success probably lies in the simplicity of its game mechanics which makes fun the main feature: launching attacks in turn, in the role of a team of worms, against the opposite faction with the use of a very varied arsenal and on generis of weapons such as sheep, banana bomb, sacred grenade and many others.Now Worms also arrives on iPhone and iPod touch with a version that despite not being able to compete with the counterparts on XBOX360 and PS3, however, ensures a pleasant gaming experience.

worms 1

When starting Worms, we are greeted by a screen for selecting the game mode, single or multiplayer, and for accessing the guide and options. Before going into the climax of the convenient battle, familiarize yourself with the controls and the game mechanics by logging in from "single player" to "training game", so as to train without running the risk of being annihilated by our enemies. The character we control, from time to time indicated by a small arrow, it can jump forward, if touched once, or backward, if touched twice, and move to the right or left by touching the right or left part of the screen respectively, being careful not to do it fall into the water: our worm is unfortunately not a good swimmer (and in this he looks like me perfectly!). Thanks to multitouch we can enlarge the game area simply by spreading our fingers on the screen, and move it by dragging two fingers in the desired direction.

The ammunition icon at the bottom left allows during a game the choice of the weapon that we operate by touching a button, at the bottom right, which will also act as a firepower regulator. The viewfinder, which can be positioned freely with your finger or along a predefined arched path, allows an approximate calculation of the trajectory on which the influence of the wind will also grab. The use of a weapon or object or simply "getting hurt" entails the end of your game turn which ends in any case within a certain time interval. Having made our move, we have a few seconds to try to escape the enemy fire. The multiplayer mode, which has always been Worms' longevity factor, unfortunately loses much of its effectiveness on the iPhone and iPod touch, as games are not possible Among the available options, it is interesting to be able to personalize your team by entering the names of your friends and selecting the language of the voice of our worms.

worms 2 worms 3 worms 4 worms 5

The technical sector, while not reaching the graphic excellence of the latest productions for iPhone and iPod touch that show off 3D polygonal graphics, offers very colorful and pleasant 2D scenarios, which undergo the destructive power of weapons, with animated cartoon-style effects : the trail left by the missiles launched and the explosions to Willy the Coyote are noteworthy. The random generation of scenarios, always different, contributes to making each game a unique gaming experience. We didn't like the zoom function entirely because of the really small zoom factor. During the games we are accompanied by nice tunes, always consistent with the graphic style of the setting, and seasoned by the spoken comments of our characters with very exhilarating tones, both for the particular cartoon tone and for the witty content.

worms 6 worms 7 worms 8 worms 9

Worms represents for iPhone and iPod touch a videogame certainly inevitable for nostalgics of the classic on Amiga and not only: even the youngest will appreciate the remarkable fun factor, essential in a game but unfortunately often absent in many latest generation video game productions. Available for 3.99 euros on the App Store.