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With GPush soon will Gmail be pushed on the iPhone?

With GPush soon will Gmail be pushed on the iPhone? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Gmail on iPhone doesn't support push notifications; unfortunately this is one of the shortcomings that users of the Apple mobile phone can envy the owners of Palm Pre or Android devices.

TechCrunch reveals that the GPush application, which has just been sent to Apple for approval, may put a piece in it. GPush will be very simple to use; just enter your Gmail account after which it may never be necessary to launch the program: from that moment GPush will not only activate the push mail on Gmail but will also send the respective notifications on the iPhone.

The software takes advantage of the functionality supported by Gmail IMAP IDLE, which so far has not been implemented on the iPhone and, according to the tests carried out, is slightly less immediate than the classic push but increasingly more effective than manual control or scheduled recovery.

We therefore await the official release, hoping that Apple has nothing against approving this application; the cost should be 0.99 dollars, 0.79 euros for Europe.

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