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Wireless, towards global coexistence with the blessing of IEEE

Apple has just embraced, and will be experimenting for others (as usual, NDR) practical applications of Bluetooth in computers. Last week, the IEEESA – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association gave final approval to the IEEE 802.15 system. 1.This is a standard that draws experience and technologies from Bluetooth 1.1, promoted for some time by an "interest group" including among others 3Com, Ericsson, Nokia and Intel which Apple has recently joined: it will be one of the fundamental standards in the coming years for the so-called PAN – Personal Area Networking.

The PAN is an area of ​​a few meters within which, reasonably, a desk expands (10 meters maximum), inside this area there is the computer, the printer, the scanner, the mouse, the keyboard, the mobile phone, the PDA , the digital video camera and some other gadgets. Bluetooth will soon manage all these devices without the aid of inconvenient cabling. In this wireless area there could also be IEEE 802.15.1 not in competition, but in collaboration, with Bluetooth.

No contraindication for WiFi that operates with different frequencies and uses, to say it clearly the IEEE. IEEE 802.15.1 will probably be more amicably called WPAN and the password will be "coexistence" also with WiFi. For more technical information follow the link: ieee802 .org.