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Watch Italian television live on iPhone, iPod, iPad with One Media Player


One Media Player: program to watch Italian television and TV channels in live streaming on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Watch Italian television live on iPhone, iPod, iPad with One Media Player

Today I mark an interesting program for you iPhone, iPod and iPad: is calledOne Media Playere allows you to watch live streaming television on iOS.

Very easy to use, immediate, simple and complete, One Media Player the perfect program for anyone who wantsturn your iPhone, iPod and iPad device into a portable television.Obviously the app requires an internet connection to function properly. The program available for both iPhone and iPad.

But let's see what it offers and how it works One Media Player for iOS.

As you can imagine, One Media Playerallows you to watch all the main live TV channels streaming on iPhone, iPod and iPad.The interesting thing is that the program, unlike others who do the same thing, is not invaded by annoying banner ads. Basically all you have to do is download, install and start One Media Player to start watching streaming television on iOS. Nothing could be simpler, within everyone's reach.

The audio and video quality is always very good, the streaming of excellent quality and, during the tests, I have not encountered bugs and various problems. Obviously it is possible to watch TV channels in streaming both in portrait and landscape mode according to your needs.

The available channels are practically all that we would expect:there are all those RAI, Mediaset and all the other most popular. The main ones are:

  • RAI
  • Mediaset
  • LA7
  • Sky
  • Real Time
  • LA6
  • Focus TV
  • DMAX
  • Sky Poker
  • SkyTG24
  • RedBull TV
  • many others

The channel list is really very rich and it comesautomatically updated every time you start the programItalian TV Streaming. In this way you will always be sure to be able to watch the TV channels you want, without the risk that they are offline or unavailable.

Small clarification: the first time the program is started it will be practically an empty container. To prevent the app from being removed from the App Store, in fact, the developer has chosen to provide the program without channels. You will have to activate them manually. How to do? Simple: download the One Media Player program, install it and start it. At the bottom you will find two buttons: one in the shape of a world and one in the shape of +. Click on the + at the bottom and a new page will open. At this point click on the + at the top left. A small window will open: here click on the item "Online Help" and Safari will open, which will show you a link to copy and paste in the One Media Player program to insert all the TV channels to watch in streaming.

I assure you that a truly immediate procedure which takes 2 minutes maximum: only in this way the developer manages to prevent One Media Player from being removed from the App Store.

In conclusion, the One Media Player program really well made and, to date, one of the very few software available for iPhone, iPod and iPadto watch Italian television in live streaming.IS'available for around 2 euros on the AppStoreand I recommend downloading it to all of you. I have been using it for a week and it has never given me any problems. Channels are always up to date, work well and both audio and video are good. The only drawback: streaming slightly lagging behind the live (about 5-6 minutes it seems to me in general).

Watch Italian television live on iPhone, iPod and iPad with One Media Player

Here is the link on the App Store:


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