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View iPhone notifications on Mac with Notifyr


Notifyr, the app to send iPhone notifications to the Mac and view notifications from the iPhone to the Mac


Notifyr a new program for iPhone and Mac that allows you to receive all iPhone notifications on Mac, from SMS to Whatsapp, from appointments to incoming calls. In practice this program it does the same thing that PushBullet currently does on Android, with the difference that it offers more limited functions.

La Notifyr works with all notifications on iPhone, including those of third-party apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook. In an extremely simple and immediate way, Notifyr allows you to view directly in the notification center of the Mac all the notifications that we receive on our iPhone. Moreover, from the Notifyr settings the user can decide to mute the notifications which, to be read on a Mac, are sent via low-power Bluetooth.

As we have just written, therefore,To work properly, Notifyr requires that the iPhone and Mac are connected via bluetooth: this is another important difference between Notifif and PushBullet, which instead works via the internet and also synchronizes notifications from multiple devices. Considering that PushBullet currently only works on Android,Notifyr can be considered as the best program to directly view notifications from iPhone to Mac. Too bad it's only possible to view notifications and it is not possible to interact in any way with them: then forget to reply to WhatsApp or an SMS using your Mac.

I think Notifyr is an excellent software, especially for those who, like me, at work do not have the possibility to use the smartphone. You won't be able to respond to notifications directly, but at least you can view them on your Mac and know if something important has arrived that you need to respond quickly.

Notifyr can be used on iPhone 4s and later and on the following Macs: MacBook Air from 2011 onwards, MacBook Pro from 2012 onwards, Mac mini from 2011 onwards, iMac from 2012 onwards, Mac Pro from 2013 onwards.

In conclusion we can say thatNotifyr is the best existing way to read notifications received on iPhone on Mac, without having to take the phone or take it out of your pocket. Notifyr activates a bluetooth connection between Mac and iPhone, sending push notifications to the computer via unclientda download from the developer's site.

Note: in order to function properly you need your computer to have thebluetooth 4.0. Even the iPhone must use this technology which integrated from the iPhone 4S and above. This means that the program does NOT support iPhone 4 and earlier!

Notifyrpesa 1.8 MB and download for 3.99 from the App Store.

Try it, it seems like good software, though perhaps the price too high for the function it offers. In fact, consider that PushBullet for Android, which offers many more features, completely free.

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